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The Positive Wellness Journal: Lockdown experiment review

The Positive Wellness Journal: Lockdown experiment review

Over the last four weeks of the second UK lockdown I've been using the Positive Wellness Journal and putting it to the test - and I'm really enjoying using it!

If you haven't come across Positive Planners before, they are colourful and vibrant journals designed to help you find more positivity in your life! Here's how I got on using their Wellness Journal and why I'll be keeping it going.

So I've been wanting to try this journal for a while now and although it's designed as a 12-week programme the pages are undated so there’s no pressure to work on it every day - which was great for me, as although I aimed to do it every day I did miss the odd day here and there!

What I'm loving...

The structured pages
The structured pages and prompts on the journal entries make it really easy to fill in so if a blank journal page fills you with dread this might be a good option for you. I found it allows me to capture key thoughts easily.

The ideas on how to use it
There are some pages at the beginning that show you how you might like to use the journal and has an example page filled in as well as some ideas for nourishing your mind, body and soul. I found these really useful and it also reminded me of the activities I enjoy doing but haven't done recently!

Positive Wellness Journal     Positive Wellness Journal     Positive Wellness Journal

The black and white line drawings

I really love the line drawings dotted throughout the journal and I've been using them to do some mindful colouring. 

The focus on the positive
So it won't come as a surprise that this journal, like it's sister the Positive Planner, it's about recognising and valuing the positive things in your life, which after a year like 2020 has to be a good thing. 

Positive Wellness Journal

Would I recommend the Positive Wellness Journal?
Yes! If your looking to be more mindful and build up your days to include more moments of positivity then I think you'd enjoy using this journal and all the activity suggestions and ideas it includes. 

If thinking about mind, body and soul feels a little too new age for you, then you might prefer the Positive Planner (the yellow one!) It's underpinned by the same philosophy but comes more from a positivity than mindfulness angle.


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