Getting Started with your Traveler’s Notebook

Getting Started with your Traveler’s Notebook

In the box

Every Traveler's Notebook includes everything you need to get started straight away - the beautiful leather cover, a blank insert, replacement band (for holding the notebook closed) and a cotton bag for storage. Simply slide the insert under the connector band (each notebook has two as standard) and you're ready to go.


Inserts - Notebooks

Inserts - the replaceable notebook element to the TN - are available in a range of styles and paper; basics such as plain, lined or dotted all feature the signature smooth MD paper, and specialty papers include watercolour, kraft and lightweight.


Adding More

Each notebook will hold 2 inserts as standard. However, thanks to the handy Connecting Bands it is possible to add more. We stick to three or four generally - still plenty of space for a diary, note-taking and doodling.


Inserts - Folders and More

As well as notebook inserts, there is a range of wallets and folders available - zipper pockets, card files and more to allow you to make your notebook your own.


Finishing Touches

Add those finishing touches - a range of accessories to personalise and complement your notebook - from pen holders to clips and charms.



Once you fill up your inserts it doesn't have to end up stuffed at the back of a drawer - use the Binder Folder to keep your notebooks organised and easy to revisit.