Grove Road: Our New Home

Grove Road: Our New Home
As some of you will know, since opening the shop in 2020 we’d always hoped to be able to move to Grove Road - our favourite street in Eastbourne. After a speedy relocation (packed, moved, unpacked and opened in a few days) we’ve now been able to call No.37 Grove Road the new home of All Things Analogue for eight weeks now. 


Why we love Grove Road

Bookended by Eastbourne library and the beautiful Town Hall, this quaint little street has a welcoming vibe and in our opinion the best coffee in Eastbourne! You’ll also find fabulous food, homemade cake, beautiful jewellery, creative venues, new & second hand vinyl, quirky bars and a great second hand bookshop  - complete with pet parrot! What’s not to love. 

Our new home

The windows sold it to us. Two, big beautiful bays flowing to wooden floors, high ceilings and a nice little chunk of exposed brickwork. It instantly felt like home for us and the stationery looks at home here too! True to form, we’ve already rearranged the shop about 4 times and will continue to tinker I’m sure, as the shop evolves and we work to get our events programme up and running later in the year. For now, here are a few pics of our little sanctuary for stationery lovers.