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The New Traditional: Heritage, Craftsmanship and Local Identity

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A new generation wants to lead a more meaningful and sustainable life by reconnecting with heritage and traditions. They are looking to the craftsmanship, lifestyle, and unique experiences of the people keeping these practices alive.

The New Traditional tells the stories of those devoting their energy, skills, and creativity to crafts such as blacksmithing, distilling spirits, and globe making, and its authors revisit the customs of growing old varieties of apple, beekeeping and producing honey in gardens or on rooftops, and being modern shepherds in Italy or Iceland. They always seek to help preserve cultural traditions and share them with likeminded people.

In The New Traditional, more than 50 bearers of traditions from all over the world are revealing details of their ways of life. Have a look at traditional objects with beautiful illustrations and high-quality imagery from contributors including The New York Times