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Posca Pen 7M & 8K

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POSCA markers are the perfect tool for drawing, colouring, scrapbooking, tableware and upcycling. Permanent on porous surfaces and erasable on most smooth non-porous materials, your creations can be protected with a fixative varnish.

Latest addition to the POSCA range, the PC-7M has a very handy broad bullet tip.  4.5–5.5 MM BROAD TIP

The broad chisel tip of the PC-8K is perfect for tracing curves and covering large areas.  8 MM BROAD TIP

  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Stable pigments.
  • Quick drying with strong UV resistance.
  • Permanent and bleed-proof on paper and card (as it absorbs into the fibres), and can be made permanent on terracotta, porcelain and glass by baking for 45 minutes (220°C - 160°C) and spraying with clear varnish.
  • Textiles – iron on reverse to make permanent.
  • Metal, plastic and wood – spray with clear varnish to make permanent.
  • Mix the shades while the paint is wet and overlay colours on top of one another when they dry.