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Kyoto Ink Shimmer

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Made in Kyoto according to traditional Japanese dyeing techniques dating back to the Heian era (roughly 1000 years ago), these beautiful water-based fountain pen inks are a pleasure to write with as well as the expression of a rich ancient history.

  • 40ml
  • Contains very fine ink for shimmery effect
  • Ideal to use with dip pens 

‘Ryokuyuiro’ was one of the pottery glazes popular during Heianperiod. Rich green color derives from minerals, oxidized,Copper, Charcoal, etc. The silvery glitter powder enhances richness of green color with shimmering effect. During Heian era, this glaze was widely used for precious pottery.

‘Ruriiro’is a glittering purplish vivid blue -also called ‘ultramarine’ or 'lapis lazuli'. ‘ruri’ was precious mineral in 9th century which was described in the Taketori tale in early Heian period and was one of the seven treasure stones among Buddhism. With its elegant glittering powder,‘ruriiro’offers the shimmering effect inthe combination with deep ultramarine blue.

Due to the glitter content of this ink, we recommend its use with dip pens rather than fountain pens, as the ink can cause blockages and difficultly cleaning.