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Ecoline Liquid Watercolour 30ml - Various Colours

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Ecoline Liquid Watercolour series are transparent inks, great for painting, drawing and illustration thanks to the astonishingly bright and brilliant colours. 

  • Highly intense saturated dye-based liquid watercolor that dries within minutes.
  • The colour is ready to use, can be diluted with water, rewetted and re-worked.
  • The bottle is fitted with a handy pipette for efficient dosing during mixing.
  • Ideal for use with card, paper, watercolour paper, board and digital artworks.
  • Can be applied using a paintbrush, drawing and dip pen nibs, and airbrushes. 
  • Intermixable, has amazing intensity and true vibrance. (Some colours may fade with constant exposure to sun / UV light.)