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Traveler’s Notebook Regular Refill - Zipper Pocket 008

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Zipper pocket refill for the Traveler's Notebook. Features one large zipper pocket (110x220mm) and opposite, a large pocket without a zipper.

We consider this to be one of the essential refills for your Traveler's Notebook. Why? Well because it turns your Traveler's Notebook from a plain jane leather travel journal into something much more useful. We use ours to store 'emergency' currency, important pieces of paper, ticket stubs, things to stick in the journal later, etc. Simply put, the no. 008 Zipper Pocket makes your Traveler's Notebook infinitely more useful, without any bulk.

To fit, simply slip underneath the band just as you would a regular Traveler's Notebook refill. Our Zipper Pocket's fitted so that it creates a sandwich around the notebook refills.