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Traveler’s Notebook Penholder Brown 016

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Pen loop for the Traveler's Notebook

  • Medium size pen loop
  • Ideal for pens 11-13mm in diameter
  • Available in Camel, Brown and Black
  • Fits Traveler's Company BRASS Pen and Pencil perfectly 

This pen holder fastens securely on to the leather cover of your Traveler's Notebook, allowing you to carry a pen with your notebook. It features a strong gunmetal grey clip with a leather loop of the same type and quality used on the Traveler's Notebook leather cover. The pen holder is available in two sizes: small and medium. The small pen holder (Refill 015) is perfect for holding all those pens which are either too thin or to thick to fit properly into the medium pen holder.

The medium pen holder is used simply by inserting the barrel of the pen you want to attach into the loop. We found it to hold most pens securely - a pen with a barrel of 11-13mm diameter would fit perfectly. As an indication, the pen holder held a Pelikan M400 very tightly, but anything thicker than an M400 would not fit. Pens outside the range of 11-13mm at the widest point of the barrel should be secured by clip using a Traveler's Notebook No. 015 (small size pen holder).