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Faber Castell

Colour Grip Pencils Set of 24

Colour Grip Pencils Set of 24

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The iconic colour GRIP range encourages children to develop their fine motor skills in a fun and playful way. For younger or older children alike - the ergonomic triangular shaped pencil with its patented soft-grip zone enables effortless and easy drawing.

The brilliant colours allow a silky smooth colour laydown and thanks to the water-soluble pigments; fantastic watercolour effects are easily achieved with the use of a wet paintbrush.

The special SV bonding of the lead prevents breakage. Each pencil has a space for for your name so no pencils are lost.

  • Eco-pencil
  • Water-soluble colours
  • Water-based eco paint
  • Can be washed out of most fabrics
  • Can be sharpened with any quality sharpener
  • Comes in a handy metal tin for storage
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