How We Got Here

How We Got Here

We love chatting to people. In amongst the many conversations about notebooks and pens we often get asked why Eastbourne? Why did we decide to open up here? So for the third instalment of Our Story, we thought we’d share how the store came to be in this sunny seaside town and the people who helped make it happen.

Once we’d decided it was time to move on from london, East Sussex made sense for us. Closer to family, friends and the sea. After a brief dalliance with Lewes we ended up even closer to my childhood home, Eastbourne, and now live a fifteen minute stroll from the house I grew up in.

With somewhere to live sorted, the next thing was to find somewhere for All Things Analogue to come to life. We did several walks around town, scouting out different areas and checking all the local property agents, eventually settling on the beautiful and quirky Enterprise Centre, close to the train station in the centre of Eastbourne.

With a blank canvas, it was time to get to work. Abel had a clear vision for the store from years of working in the retail sector; imagining and dreaming how his own store would look one day and being inspired by beautiful shops from around the world. Trying to get that vision down on paper so I could see it was a little murky, so I just let him roll with it, helping where I could - and picking out the paint colours! 😂

But we didn't do it alone. Our friend Lauren designed our logo and painted half the shop. Parents and step-parents got stuck in too; painting, putting up shelves, driving to Ikea and picking up furniture from various locations across East Sussex. We let the kids loose with the paint brushes - then tidied up afterwards! We even have my great-grandparents writing desk which has pride of place in our little shop (more on that another day). And many more of our friends cheered us on, assuring us we weren’t totally crazy - well, just a little crazy - for opening up when we did.

After a week spent painting, building, positioning and repositioning everything, phase one was well underway - a fantastic selection of stationery from around the world. 

Since re-open the store in April, we’ve started work on the next phase of our plan; adventure and homeware products to inspire a creative, analogue lifestyle.

Our latest additions include a beautiful range of ceramics from Musango, handmade and painted in Portugal, a selection of candles from the wonderful St Eval Candle Company based in North Cornwall and some of our all time favourite bags from YKRA, our new go to bag for exploring the South Downs.

With more new goodies planned for the next few weeks and months ahead we’re really excited to see the newest area of the store taking shape!

Nicki & Abel

We’d love to know what you think. Do drop us a line at or pop into the store for a chat 😊



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